War of the Ukrainian Succession
Painting of two men on horses
Philip V of Spain and the Duke of Vendôme pictured after the victory at the 1710 Battle of Villaviciosa.

300px Marshal Villars leads the French charge at the Battle of Denain.

Date 1836–1840[1]
Location Ukrainian Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Netherlands, and northern Finland
Result Treaty of Casalanza
France Ukrainian Republic
Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Ottoman Empire
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Polish–Lithuanian Empire Polish–Lithuanian Empire
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Flag of France Kingdom of France
Flagge Königreich Württemberg.svg Württemberg
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
Kingdom of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands
a. Great Britain from May 1707, previously the Kingdoms of England and Scotland

The War of the Ukrainian Succession (1836–1840) was a major European conflict of the early 19th century, triggered by the Ivan IV death, by Pedro II declared war on Poland and Sweden-Lithuanian by to removed form personal union with Poland, known as Holy Polish Empire.


  1. All dates in the article are in the Gregorian calendar (unless otherwise stated). See Old Style and New Style dates for a more detailed explanation of the dating issues and conventions.