Vendicci Septim I
Dovahkiin Vendicci Septim I.jpg
Emperor of Tamriel
Reign 4E 201 – 4E 218
Predecessor Titus Mede II
Successor Titus Mede III
Dovahkiin of Skyrim
Reign 4E 190 – 4E 218
Predecessor Titus Mede III
Successor Titus Mede III
Born 5 February 178(178-02-05) 4E
Nightingale Hall, Kingdom of Tamirel
Died 12 July 218 (aged 40) 4E
Emperor's Tower, Solitude, First Tamirel Empire
Burial Hall of the Dead
Spouse Lydia
Issue Vendicci Septim II
House House of Septim
Father Titus Mede II
Mother Unnamed mother[1]

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