Statue of Charles I, Holy Polish Emperor
Polish: Pomnik z Karol Đąłɛn̪ɔ Radziłówsky: Polish
Statyn av Karl XIV Johan Norrköping april 2006.jpg
Artist Johann P. Gustafsson
Year April 2, 1840 (1840-04-02)
Dimensions 10 cm × 3 cm × 4 cm (10 in × 3 in × 5 in); 4 cm diameter (5 in)
Location Poland

Statue of Charles I, Holy Polish Emperor is famous statue of Polish emperor, Charles I John of Poland. At the diolauge is says:

Charles I, Holy Polish Emperor
May 29, 1780 – September 12, 1859
Radziłów, Łódź, Poland | Łazienki, Krakow, Poland
He was first Holy Polish Emperor (1795-1858) also he was nicknamed "Dragoon Prince of Poland"

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