Spear of Bitter Mercy
20.00 WeightIcon
Base Value:
130,000 GoldIcon
Reflect 20−30% for 30 secs on Self

Summon Storm Atronach for 30 secs on Self

Enchantment Total:
2,160/432 = 5
Speed: 1.00
Reach: 1.80
1 to 15
1 to 15
15 to 60
Weapon Type: Spear
ID: spear_mercy_unique
One of the more mysterious artifacts is the Spear of Bitter Mercy. Little to nothing is known about the Spear. There are no recorded histories but many believe it to be of Daedric origin. The only known legend about it is its use by a mighty hero during the fall of the Battlespire. The hero was aided by the Spear in the defeat of Mehrunes Dagon and the recapturing of the Battlespire. Since that time, the Spear of Bitter Mercy has made few appearances within Tamriel.
—Yagrum Bagarn, Tamrielic Lore

Spear of Bitter Mercy is an enchanted spear given to the Nerevarine by the Mad God Sheogorath in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Spear is given to the Nerevarine as a reward by Sheogorath for completing his quest.


Sheogorath's QuestEdit

Sheogorath, in a typical display of his enthusiasm in the eccentric, will task the Nerevarine with killing a Giant Bull Netch with a Fork. Once the Bull is dead, the Nerevarine may return to Sheogorath's adopted shrine of Ihinipalit (in the St. Delyn Canton in Vivec) to exchange the Fork of Horripilation for the Spear of Bitter Mercy, as a reward.

The MuseumEdit

During the events of Template:Tribunal, the Nerevarine may seek out Torasa Aram of the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. She will offer the Nerevarine 30,000GoldIcon for the Spear, the maximum amount the Museum will spend on any object, which will then go on display in the Museum. The Nerevarine may also donate the Spear.



  • In Template:Battlespire, the Spear is associated with Hircine.[1]
    • This is seemingly confirmed in the book The Posting of the Hunt (although Hircine is not mentioned directly).
    • In the book, the Spear is wielded by the Huntsman during the Wild Hunt (as Sheogorath is not a hunter, it can be assumed that this reference is not about him).[2]


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