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Sir Danny I Ellison (February 14, 1746 – October 21, 1780), was soldier, younger brother of Robert Ross-Ellison, father of U.S General in
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, Danny III Ellison, also Military Governor of Arkansas, Sir Danny II Ellison-Berkshire and Lieutenant general of British Army. He was best general in
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and American Revolutionary War.


Danny I Ellison was born on February 14, 1746, in Military Governor's Palace,
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, United Kingdom along hes older brother, Robert Ross-Ellison. He wearing was British Officer Uniform with Epaulette and white stockings. The brothers joined the army of there teens of 1765 at ages 19 and 23, during French Revolutionary War.

Ellison's father, Michael IV, the King of Great Britian. Ellison wants take American back. Hes cousin, Charles VI Ellison moved one year ago. Ellison also going to force hes cousin to joined British Army. On November 1, 1772, first battle between cousin vs cousin, Battle of Cousins.


During hes training, hes father, Michael IV promoted him as Lieutenant general on June 14, 1771. He was gift of British Officer Uniform with Epaulette by hes brother, Robert-Ross. He was able don't want to killed by hes own cousin, During the time, hes first battle was Battle of Fort Boston.

French Revolutionary WarEdit

American Revolutionary WarEdit

Prisoner of Battle of Bunker HillEdit

Wounded at Battles Lexington and ConcordEdit

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Sir Danny I Ellison
Born: 14, February 1746 Died: 21, October 1780
Preceded by
New Office Created
1st Military Governor of Berkshire county
March 5, 1763 - October 21, 1780
Succeeded by
Sir Nicholas IV