Sigismund IV the Mad
Emperor Sigismund IV.JPG
Sigismund IV in 1887.
King of Poland
Reign 19 May 1830 – 3 February 1836
Predecessor James Casimir I
Successor Monarchy abolished
Louis Philippe
as President of Poland
Born 3 September 1784(1784-09-03)
Lviv, Poland (now Ukraine)
Died 22 March 1860 (aged 75)
Sablonville, France
Spouse Helene of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Issue Prince Philippe, Count of Paris
Prince Robert, Duke of Chartres
House House of Radzilow
Father James Casimir I of Poland
Mother Maria Amalia of Naples and Sicily
Religion Roman Catholicism
Signature Sigismund IV of Poland's signature

Sigismund IV (Polish: Zygmunt IV, Lithuanian: Žygimantas IV, English exonym: Sigmund; 3 September 1784 – 22 March 1860), sometimes called Sigismund the Mad, was last King of Poland form 1830 to until his dethroned/deposed in 1836. After James Casimir I's death, he lost First Polish Empire territory under the reign of his uncle Charles I and Casimir V. Since the reign of Charles I, he was titled "Holy Polish Emperor". His successes by his younger cousin, Charles Daleno Radziłów elected First President of Poland in 1836 election.

Born on Lviv in Poland (now Ukraine) under the reign of Sigismund's uncle, James Casimir I of Poland. His father, John IV become King after the death of his uncle, James Casimir I. Under his father's rule, he become Crown Prince of Poland which tried to make peace against Finland Republic over border agreement.

During his reign, after the death of his father's death, age 48, he become one of the most failure monarchs in Poland even he have over 1 month and 16 days. Which makes him one of the shortest monarchs. Following of his dethrone in 1858 by his cousin, Charles D. Radzilow, which become the first president. Sigismund forced to exile following of his cousin's first sworn in as President.

He travel to Sablonville, France when he becomes the citizen of the Second French Empire under his loyal friend, Louis-Napoleon. He spend the next 12 years until his death on 22 March 1871, aged 71.

Early years (1810–1824)Edit

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Death of his uncle and John IV's Accession (1846)Edit

Crown Prince (1846–1857)Edit

Reign (1858–59)Edit

Overthrow of Sigismund IV and Deposed (1859)Edit

Exile (1859–62)Edit

Later years (1862–1671)Edit


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