Sheogorath's Shrine
Sheogorath's Shrine
Sheogorath Shrine MapLocation
South of Bravil
Southwest of Fort Nomore
Offering: 1 bundle of yarn
1 head of lettuce
1 lesser soul gem
Req. Level: 2

Sheogorath's Shrine is dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath, and is in the Blackwood region. Roughly halfway between Bravil to the north and Leyawiin to the south, the shrine is located south and a little west of Fort Nomore and west of a Wayshrine of Stendarr.


The shrine is attended by a group of insane devotees. Led by the priest Ferul Ravel, followers Angalsama, Beewos, Gregory Arne, and Ortis wander in various states of befuddlement.

A few clouded funnel caps are nearby. There are no other alchemical plants of note in the area.

Shivering IslesEdit

With the Shivering Isles expansion installed, Sheogorath's voice changes to match his voice in the Isles. His dialogue will also vary depending on the Hero's progress in the Shivering Isles main quest.

If the Shivering Isles' main quest has been completed, making the Hero the new Sheogorath, Haskill the butler will give the quest noting how sad it is that the Hero has now taken to worshiping him/herself. Sheogorath will also mention when giving the Hero the reward Wabbajack, that he should have given it to him/her earlier.



Sheogorath wants the Hero to fulfill a prophecy about the end of the world in the small settlement Border Watch. They are to simulate a prophecy by committing two acts. They should speak to the shaman in the settlement to learn about the K'Sharra Prophecy.

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