Rafik II
"the enemy will fall and I will not fall to any blade*
King of Ireland
Reign June 29, 1833 - February 1, 1857
Coronation March 21, 1834
Predecessor Michael III
Successor Rafik III
Regent Rafik, Prince Regent
King of the Polish
Reign May 17, 1855 - February 1, 1884
Predecessor Charles I John
Successor Edward VI
(as King of Poland)
Born October 3, 1771(1771-10-03)
Sword, Dublin, Ireland Empire
Died February 1, 1857 (aged 85)
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Burial February 22, 1857
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Spouse Victoria IV (1845-her death)
Anna, Electress Palatine[1] (1874-his death)
Issue Rafik III
Full name
Rafik Belghoul Francis
House House of Dublin
Father Michael II
Religion Muslim
Occupation Soldier and leader
Signature Rafik II of Ireland's signature

Rafik II (born Rafik Belghoul Francis; October 3, 1771 – February 22, 1857) was King of Ireland Form 1833 to his death. When he was younger he was born in Persia but moved to Ireland his mother was Irish and his dad was Persian he always had learned politics and decided to run for king of Ireland he got more votes then the rest and he became king and had met with the Persian king and they decided to be at war with each other and any Persian when that came into the country they where captured and send to a cell over 1000 Persians were captured or killed by Irish soldiers.

"the day this empire falls will be the day that all people and all races will live in peace and their is no one that will live in terror and no one will have to worry about the daedra coming to attack ." after he had said this he had send supplies to allies

The day that Rafik died he died for a girl he knew from years ago and he was trying to protect her from enemys knights and when Rafik. He had sent an army of knights into Africa to get gold and food supplies when the daedra had heard of this they had arrived to rafik and had his trust as Rafik had joined the daedra army and had help them to conquer the rest of china.

Rafik and the daedra had been killing people for gold and food someone had to stop but when the daedra warrior start to cast spells and kills rafik had enough and start a war with the daedra and his allies had heard of this they help Rafik and his army so they decided to attack the daedra in what they call oblivion gates so when one pop up they charged in and destroyed the gate so it weakened the daedra defenses and Rafik and his allies had attack the daedra palace but had not gotten in cause of one daedra princes who was blocking their entrance into the palace and had held the palace with archers and warriors and mages.

They kept them surrounded until reinforcements had arrived and charged from all ways and had gotten into the palace but one problems had be waiting only Rafik and his brother emperor Danny had their armor on and was faced with the daedra king and his 20 warriors of death. They had charge and killed his men and was faced the daedra king. They have attacked and killed the king after that had happened the Persians had become enemy with rafik and had threated to attack so he waited.

Early LifeEdit

Rafik was born on October 3, 1815 or 1771, Sword, Dublin, Ireland Empire. A oldier brother of Casimir Beauforte, King of the Polish (b. 1779 - d. 1855; COD: Stomach Cancer)......

Crown Prince of the Polish (under his brother)Edit

King of IrelandEdit

Polish-Austrian WarEdit

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Death of his younger brother, King Casimir I JohnEdit

Main article: Death of King Casimir I John, 1855

Succession of King of Poland (1855-1885)Edit

After the death of his brother. He successed Rafik as "King of Poland"......

Illness and deathEdit

his death was in Persia when he charged in with 10000 warriors and the Persian empire had sent more warriors and they were surrounded from everywhere and they try to fight their way out but it had failed so rafik was captured by the Persian prince arshAn he was the one who had rafik executed in Persia and when news hit back his older son had become king and had made war with Persia.


  1. Was King Charles I & IV John's daughter