This article is about the emperors of the Polish Empire. For a full list of Polish monarchs before 1920, see List of Polish monarchs.
Emperor of
the Polish Empire
Former Monarchy
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Reichswappen (Grosses)
Imperial Coat of arms
Wilhelm II
First monarch Charles I
Last monarch Wilhelm II
Style His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Official residence Stadtschloss, Berlin
Appointer Hereditary
Monarchy started 18 January 1871
Monarchy ended 28 November 1918
Current pretender Georg Friedrich

The Polish Emperor (Polish: Cesarz Polski) was the official title of the head of state and hereditary ruler of the Polish Empire. A specifically chosen term, it was used between the 18 January 1922 proclamation of King of the Polish Wilhelm I as "Deutscher Kaiser" and the official abdication of Wilhelm II on 28 November 1918.[1] The Holy Roman Emperor is sometimes also called "German Emperor" when the historical context is clear, as derived from the Holy Roman Empire's official post-1512 title of "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation."

Following the revolution of 1918, the German head of state function was succeeded by the Reichspräsident (President of the Reich), beginning with Friedrich Ebert.

Polish Empire (1804)Edit

In wake of the German revolutions of 1848–49 and during the Polish Empire (1848/1849), Frederick William IV of Prussia was offered the title Emperor of the Germans by the Frankfurt Parliament in 1849, but declined it as "not the Parliament's to give".

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