Philippe I
Emperor Philippe I in 1826.
Emperor Philippe I in 1826.
Emperor of Mexico (more...)
Reign 20 January 1824 – 11 March 1869
18 July 1869 – 20 August 1869
13 February 1870 – 18 September 1875
Coronation 26 January 1824
Predecessor Augustine I of Mexico (1st)
Maximilian I of Mexico
Successor Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
(as President of Mexico)
President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
1823 – 1844
Sentor Member of the First Consul of the French
Sentor Member of the French
In Office 17 July 1820 – 20 January 1824
Oath of office 17 December 1820
Predecessor Louis-Napoleon Philippe
Successor Himself (as Emperor of Mexico)
Born 14 July 1808(1808-07-14)
Warsaw, Polish Empire
Died 18 December 1875 (aged 67)
Mexico City, Mexico
Spouse Maria Leopoldina of Austria
Issue Philippe II
House House of Georgia
Father Jean Hollande I of Poland
Mother Katelyn I of Poland
Religion None;

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