His Excellency and His Majesty
Louis II
King Louis II of the Polish, 1838.jpg
King of the Polish then King of Poland
Grand Duke of Lithuania
Reign 17 September 1848 – 11 March 1872
Coronation 5 October 1848
Predecessor Alexander Percy I
Successor Monarchy abolished
Republic established
Richard Philippe I
as King of the Polish, and Head of the State
King of Argentina and All South Americas
Reign 17 May 1822 (6 hours)
Predecessor Keegan Percy I Soult of Poland
Successor Keegan Soult I
Born 8 July 1795(1795-07-08)
Łazienki Palace, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died 11 March 1872 (aged 76)
Rutkowski House, Zakynthos Island, Kingdom of Greece
Spouse Marie of Austria
House House of Dzvinsk
Father Charles Rutkowski I of Poland
Mother Marie, Duchess Alexander of Württemberg

Louis II (8 July 1795 – 11 March 1872) was King of Polish form 1844 until his death in 1872. He belived that he was last monarchs, But it was Richard Philippe I (1898-1972), reigned form 1918 to 1972, ruled form 54 years. And during the role of Crimean War.