This article is about Polish civil rights. For Civil War, see Polish-Lithuanian Civil War. For Civil Rights of 1943, see Polish Civil Rights Movement, 1943.''
Lithuanian-Polish Civil Rights Movement
Date 3 May 1830 – 18 February 1837
(6 years, 9 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)
Location Krakow, Warsaw, Radzilow, other cities and towns of Poland
Polish Rebels
Lithuanian Rebels
Lodz-Linz Crime Family
Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Kingdom of Poland
 • Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Polish army
 • Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Radzilow crime family
 • Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Krakow-Warsaw crime family
Ludwik Kamieniecki  (WIA) /
 • Francis de Rohan II  (POW)
Flag of the Holy Polish Empire King Charles I
Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Mil. Gov. Casimir L. Tyszkiewicz
Flag of the Holy Polish Empire Mob boss Daniel Radzilowski

Lithuanian-Polish Civil Rights Movement (May 3, 1830 – February 18, 1837) was first Polish Civil Movements, when Lithuanian rebels leader, President Ludwik Kamieniecki forced Emperor Charles abdicated, the emperor refused. Charles's older brother, Daniel Radzilowski (1775-1848), a Mob boss of Radzilow crime family. Right before the movement was over, The Lithuania president got assassinated in February 14, 1837. After the Polish and it's allies conguerer. Lithuanian people has turned into from a republic to a Principality.

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