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The following is list of world champions in professional motocross who retired undefeated, either during or after a title reign(s). It excludes current titleholders. Each champion's record is shown in the following format: wins–losses–draws–no contests.

Motocross racers ranked by total undefeated record, class, and titles
Rank Racer Record Motocross class Title(s) Years active Team(s) Notes
1 United States Danny W. Tucker 60–0–0 (0) 98cc, Super 150cc, 150cc, Super 250cc, 250cc, 450cc X Games 2010–2018 KTM, Honda and Yamaha Retired at 59–0 in 2018 for Tucker-Kelly race.
FIM 2014–2018 Yamaha Retired at 59–0 in 2018; returned one week later.
Rivalry Champion 2007–2014 Honda Vacated title in 2014.
OnO Champion 2015–2019 Retired at 60–0 in 2019 for Tucker-Paul race.
2 Canada Francis Marchegiano 59–0–0 (0) 125cc, 250cc Motocross World Champion 2008–2016 KTM, Honda and Yamaha
3 Germany Kay Weizmann 49–0–1 (0) 250cc 4x One-on-One Champion 1975-1984 Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki
4 Mexico Antonio González 51–0–3 (0) 250cc 4x One-on-One Champion 2001-2009 Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki
5 Belgium Leopold Peeters 46–0–0 (0) 125cc, 250cc One-on-One Champion
Rivalry Champion
2011–2016 KTM, Honda Announced his retirement racing match between Tucker and Adams at the X Games Austin 2016.
Super 250cc (Super) OnO Champion 2019–present Honda
6 United States Seth Sutter 30–0–0 (0) 98cc, 125cc, 250cc AMA 98cc champion 2007–2015 Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Honda Announced his retirement on April 26, 2015.
7 United States James DeJohn 26–0–0 (0) 125cc
8 Mexico Carl Ramirez 15–0–0 (1)
9 United States Johnathon McJames 24–0–0 (0)
10 Mexico Juan David Escribano 7–0–3 (0)