The List of Charles XVI John's siblings is issue about Charles XIV John of Sweden's cousins, and brothers, also sisters.


Olderest to youngestEdit

Portrait Coat of Arms Name King From King Until Relationship with Predecessor(s) Title
Jacques-Louis David - The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries - Google Art Project Grandes Armes Impériales (1804-1815)2 Napoleon I
15 August 1789 – 5 May 1871
18 May 1804 22 June 1815
Emperor of the French
Young Prince Alexander III of United Kingdom Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (1837-1952) Alexander III
19 November 1792 – 15 July 1886
29 January 1820 15 July 1886  • Son of George III King of Great Britain and Ireland
100px 100px Casimir I & III Ellison
16 February 1789 – 14 December 1843
13 June 1849 14 December 1863  • Son of George III Emperor/King of the First Polish Empire and Sweden

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