Laruqen I Philippe
LordLaruqenPhilippe (Armor).jpg
Prince-Lord Laruqen Philippe wear his Mail and Plate Armour.
Crown Prince of the Poliska L'Empire
Lord of Yalen
Reign 5 June 1267
13 January 1292
Predecessor Himself (as Ex-Monarch Ruler of the Polish)
Successor Francis
Born 12 February 1209(1209-02-12)
Yalen, Kingdom of Rhodoks
Died 13 January 1292 (aged 82)
El'Jelkala, Poliska L'Empire
Burial 3 March 1293
Dhirim, Poliska L'Empire
Wife/Spouse Lady Saraten
Issue Count Gerluchs
Lady Baotheia

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