Kingdom of Poland
Królestwo Polskie (pl)
Regnum Poloniae (la)
PolishCommonwealth Flag.png
1817–1887 30px
Flag of the Holy Polish Empire.svg Greater Coat of Arms of Charles I as Holy Polish Emperor (1801-1858).svg
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Warsaw
Language(s) Polish language
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - 1802-1840 Charles I Philipp (first)
 - 1861-1887 Jean Hollande III (last)
 - Established 29 July 1817
 - Independence form South Prussia 28 July 1819
 - Battle of Valva 16 July 1819
 - Abdication of Charles I 23 May 1834
 - Disestablished 2 September 1887
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