Alexei I Giray
Khan; Mirza of Bakhchisaray (more...)
Reign 1644 - 1668
Successor Nokhor Giray
Born 8 August 1622
Died 6 April 1668 (aged 45)
Consort Brittnei Barrowz (1641-1645)
Ludi Kennedi (1646-1657)
Kati Ludisomski (1658-1665)
Father Nokhor Giray
Mother Kati Giray

Khan Alexei Giray (Crimean Tatar (1622-1668)[1], was khan rebel of Crimean Khanate. He was a lord of Bakhchisaray, also he was older brother to Khan Islam Giray.

In 1654, he with enemys with hes older brother Islam. Alexei first town he took he "Bakhchisaray". He was also a enemys with Polish Commonwealth in 1657, ten days later, he have 14 lords on hes side on Polish, hes older brother was assasstion by cossack men. After 4 weeks after hes older brother death, he become khan of Khanates form 1657-1668, until 1668.

In 1668, he was killed by Moscow Mercenary Rifleman at during hes last battle at Moscow.


  1. Alexei was born in August 8, 1622, and died in Apirl 6, 1668.