For Ghost commander, see Keegan P. Russ.
Keegan Russ I
The Duke, Keegan Russ in his uniform, 1817.
The Duke, Keegan Russ in his uniform, 1817.
Military Governor of the Polish
Reign 29 July 1812 – 5 August 1835
Oath 1 August 1812
Predecessor Office created
Successor Harris Percy
Deputy Gov. George John Gustaf (1812-1827)
Harris Percy (1827-his death)
Born 23 September 1797(1797-09-23)
Łazienki Palace-Mansion, New York City, New York, United States of America
Died 5 August 1835 (aged 37)
Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Kingdom of Poland
Spouse Wallis Kennedy
Issue Harris Russ
George Russ I of Holland
Full name
Keegan Alexander Charles Russ
House House of Radzilow
Father Paul I of Russia
Mother Sophie of Württemberg
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Roman Catholicism
Signature Keegan Russ I's signature

Keegan Russ I (23 September 1797 – 5 August 1835) was American-born military leader, Military Governor of the Polish form 1812, until his death, 1835, Serving under his older brother Alexander Błędowski I of the Polish Kingdom. During the War agianist Austrian Empire, he was wounded serval times at the battles and sieges. His older brother, King Alexander I give Keegan Russ 1st Military Governor for his kingdom. Until his death form suffering a gunshot wounds on Legs, Arms and stomach, at the battle of Krakow.

Early lifeEdit

Keegan Percy Russ was born on 23 September 1797, in New York City, New York, United States of America.

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