His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Keegan Hollande I
Emperor Keegan Hollande I.jpg
The Emperor-King and his wife, at coronation.
Emperor-King of the Polish
Grand Duke of Lithuania
Reign 12 September 1809 –
8 August 1850
Coronation 19 September 1809
Predecessor John IV Casimir Vasa (1st reign)
Successor John IV Casimir Vasa (2nd reign)
Elector of Brittany
Reign 5 February 1818  – 8 August 1850
Coronation 14 February 1804
Predecessor Charles II
Successor Charles XIV John
Born 28 May 1804(1804-05-28)
Łazienki Palace, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died 9 August 1850 (aged 46)
Fyodorovich Palace, Warsaw, First Polish Empire
Burial 1 September 1850
Kazimierz and John Cathedral, Krakow, Polish Empire
Spouse Princess Alexandra Grabowska of Gravowska
Issue Jean Hollande II of Poland

Anna Petrovna, Grand Duchess of Russia

Full name
Keégan Jean Frémont Hollande
House House of Philippe-d'Ellison
Father Jean Hollande I
Mother Kate I of England
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Roman Catholicism
Signature Keegan Hollande I's signature

Keégan Jean Frémont Hollande (Polish: Keégan Hollande; Lithuanian: Gabriele Olandija; 28 May 1804 – 8 August 1850) was Polish military leader. One of youngest monarchs that ruled; Emperor-King of the Polish and Grand Duke of Lithuania. He was nicknamed "The Military Soldier King".

Childhood and adolescenceEdit

Keégan Hollande was born in 28 May 1780; at Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.