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Casimir I & III Philippe Fyodorovich (Russian: Казимир Филипп Фёдорович) (16 February [O.S. 2 January] 1789 – 14 December [O.S. 23 December] 1843) was known as Casimir I, American-born soldier, Emperor & King of the Polish as (Casimir I Ellison), and King of Sweden as (Casimir III Ellison). One greatest monarchs in Salvadorean of Independence, and Polish-Austrian War (1839-1843;his death).

He was born Danny James Ellison; on 16 February 1789, live in , , United States of America. Also as nickname "Moustache Raptor". He was a younger brother of King of Great Britian, brother, Danny Knight II. He also a King of Poland (1849-1863), Hes great-uncle, Richard Montgomery–Ellison (1738–1775), tells him to stop fight. Also he wearing was British Officer Uniform with Epaulette and white stockings. Year before Mexican-American War, he have a fort at named Fort Berkshire. Alexander III, and Ellison. He was wounded of dueling with Salvador. He was a good friend Franklin Pierce, and he agreed to let him to be hes Vice President of United States. Ellison and Pierce went two wars in Mexican-American War was Battle of Monterrey and Battle of Wood Lake. His oldest brother, Sir Danny II Knight Ellison (1779-1865), was Marshal of British Army.

Ellison was wounded, General Luis de Salvador. After Polk death, he got a message form Polish men named "Jan Kasimir–Redkowsky", ask Ellison to be King of Poland and Second Poland Republic. Hes one of hes ancestor(s) is "Charles II John of Poland (1642-1690)". During one week during hes king, The Emperor of Austria, William III of Austria don't like Ellison, so William declared war agianist Poland. A week later, hes brother, Alexander III to visit Ellison. Five years before Polish-Austrian War, Poland went to war with Swedish Empire. His first Prime Minister of Poland was Casimir's friend John Czarniecki. He met Emperor Alexander I of Russia, and Field marshal, Mikhail Kutuzov also they be bestest friends. His one of ancestors is Władysław III.

During his reign, his generals John Gustaf-Borkowsky, traitor Philippe. He begin civil war, controls, Lviv, Minsk, Linsk, and Viena who part Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Gustaf becoming First Duke-King of the Kingdom of Lithuania. Philippe order to his speech "John=traitor". After he ordered his guards to arrest John Gustaf. Gustaf was arrested form (22 January 1825 - 1 June 1826). John Gustaf exiled to Austria. The Kingdom of Lithuania was no more. Philippe replaced form Gustav to "Casimir Jean-Krakow Wojciechowski" (1801-1869; aged 68). Casimir and Philippe-D'Ellison are good friends and they describe "Brothers-In-Arms"; in Polish: Braterstwo Broni.

He was the first Monarch of Poland bearing the title emperor since 1804. He was nephew of first Military Governor of Pennsylvania James Ellison III (1756-1824). Around during the war agianist Austira Empire. During Poland's favourate allies and friends are Napoleon I, First Emperor of the French. Napoleon is Ellison's Cousin, On March 4, 1854, he was wounded during the Battle of Warsaw. He was have six son. At the time, hes brother and hes cousin ride to victory, Soon Danny II is angry towards hes claim, Joesph III. His favourate besr best Russian Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov. During hes last battle before hes death, He march with hes family to last Battle of Sztumska, that near Warsaw. Ellison was so wounded, hes brother and hes cousin carried me to St. Berkshire's Castle. Hes wife, Kate I worried about him, at 6:20pm on May 14, 1863, he died at aged 64, After hes death hes wife died of next mouth. Hes son, John III secession him.

Military serviceEdit

Polish Emperor & King; Danny James Ellison

Casimir I, wearing his 16th Dragoon Regiment of Dragoons Dragoon Officer uniform.

Danny Charles II Ellison was born on 16 February 1789, live in , , United States of America. He was a son of George III and haves oldier brother named Alexander III. On March 4, 1842, he in United States Army and be 1st Military Governor of Arkansas. His great grandfather, Joseph IV (1723-1783).

Napoleon makes him a Marshal of France, also Commander-In-Chief. Even Philippe are happy.

At age of 18, he got British Officer Uniform gived by his brother, King of Great Britian, Alexander III. During his father, John II Ellison (1761–1848), a soldier, and journalist. Ellison rembered that, if he was born in 1799. His uncle Franklin Ellison (1754-1824), served in American Revolutionary War and War of 1812. After John died at Battle of Wood Lake at age 87. Right after, he moved to , and meet his newfather named George III. He met his new family was Alexander III, Richard Montgomery, Sir Knight II Ellison, and his new cousin Napoleon I.

Mexician WarEdit


British Officer, Danny Knight II Ellison

British Officer, Danny Ellison wearing his British Uniform and Epaulettes, at age of 24

When Mexican-American War broke out in 1845. He was 2 friends was 11th James K. Polk, and General Zachary Taylor. Ellison back to U.S and joined United States Army, and Polk promoted Ellison as "Commander general". His first battle was the Battle of Palo Alto, also was friend of Franklin Pirece. When Pierce and Ellison battle together during Siege of Pueblo de Taos, Ellison was Wounded during the siege.

In 1847, Polk sent Ellison to reclaim same lands, he arrives so northwest of Texas, he named it "Republic of Arkansas" and title himself as the 1st Military Governor of Arkansas. Soon, he renamed it "Arkansas" and sound like "Arkansaw". Ellison make a army called "Arkansas Army". When his cousin, Napoleon I becomes first Emperor of the French. Ellison visit France now called First French Empire, At age 27, his served First Governorcy (1837-1841), and 2nd Governorcy (1842-1849).

Friends and familyEdit

File:Kasimir I & III Ellison (Polish Emperor and King).jpg
Sir-General Luis de Rohan of France

General Luis de Rohan, and one of Casimir I's best friend whos form France

Friend with Zachary TaylorEdit

Ellison and Taylor was friends since 1834 at ages 27, and 49. When Mexican-American broke out between United States and Mexico, he got orders form James K. Polk to get Arkansas his home. On January 5, 1845, Taylor and Ellison though together Battle of Pero Alto.

Friend with James K. PolkEdit

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Friend with Franklin PierceEdit

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Brother of King Alexander III of Great BritianEdit

Kasimir I

Portrait of Kasimir I, at aged 29

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Alexander III of United Kingdom and Philippe are good brothers. Around when Alexander III becomes King of Great Britain in 1820.

Father of King George III of Great BritianEdit

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British Officer Uniform and EpauletteEdit

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Polish Empire/Sweden & Russian EmpireEdit

Main article: First Polish Empire
Казимир I Филипп Эллисо

Portrait of Kazimierz I Philippe marching his Russian army, 1808.

Kazimierz I become Emperor/King of the Polish Empire (1804), King of Sweden First Swedish Empire (1809), and Russian Empire (1807-1809). He was a hero of Great Britian for Saving London, also deserving Marshalship. While his friend, John III Knight–Sobieski first day as Marshal of the Polish. Such as Marshal of British Empire, French and Commander-In-Chief.

Philippe's last year being Emperor-Tsar of all Russias, he choise his successor, Alexander. He becoming King of Sweden in 1809. Alexander I become new Tsar of the All Russias. Alexander I give him his uniform.

Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy

Casimir's Polish Empire Flag

King of PolandEdit

Danny James Ellison wearing hes King's Uniform

Portrait of Danny James Ellison (Casimir I) wearing hes Order of Knight Commander at age 28

On June 13, 1849, right Polk's death. Polish man named "Jan Kasimir IV", to ask Ellison to be new King of Poland but he title himself as (1st Emperor of the First Polish Empire). His chose his marshal is John III Knight–Sobieski. Ellison was guarding by French Dragoons.

King of SwedenEdit

Main article: Monarchy of King Casimir I of Sweden
Danny James Ellison, King of Sweden

Swedish King, Portrait of Casimir I, King of Sweden at Battle of Frankingburg

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Poland-Austrian WarEdit

Wounded during Battle of Sztumska WieśEdit

Main article: Battle of Sztumska Wieś (1849)

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Main article: Assassination of Emperor Danny Charles II Ellison

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King Casimir I have six children

John III of PolandMarch 14, 1852September 26, 1869Second King and Emperor of the Polish Empire, married
Casimir EllisonDecember 5, 1836November 12, 1914List of Presidents of Second Polish Republic, married "Mika IV and have two children
James EllisonJuly 5, 1826March 21, 1885Married and have 4 children
Danny Charles Paul EllisonDecember 3, 1857January 21, 1946Married, was 12th Military Governor of Krakow
Charles VIII of GermanyJuly 1, 1854January 22, 1922Married, have two children, was German Emperor; and King of Germany
Luis Napoleon Casimir–EllisonJuly 22, 1822February 10, 1871Married, have 4 children, was French Carabiniers officer; and last son of Polish Emperor/King and King of Sweden, Casimir I Ellison of Poland.


Napolean I, and Danny II, looking at Warsaw after the battle

Napolean I (left) and Danny II (right) is watching as Enemy retartinh after the battle of Warsa in 1854.

21 CentenryEdit

Titles, styles, honours and armsEdit

Emperor Casimir I of Polish
Political offices
Preceded by
New Office created
Commander of United States Army
January 5, 1845 – May 5, 1848
Succeeded by
Jorge-Luis Phillips
New title
1st Military Governor of Arkansas
July 5, 1837 – July 12, 1849
Succeeded by
Zachary Taylor
Became Emperor
Regnal titles
French Revolution
Title last held by
New Office Created/Monarchy created
John V (as King of Poland)
(Sir Jorge III was last monarch of Swedish Empire)

as King of the French
Emperor of the Polish Empire
June 13, 1829 – Decmeber 14, 1843
Succeeded by
Louis XVIII of France
as King of France and Navarre
Title last held by
Jorge III
as was last monarch of Swedish Empire), 1848
King of Sweden
July 5, 1849 - Decmeber 14, 1863
Title next held by
Charles XIV John
Preceded by
Louis XVIII of France
as King of France and Navarre
Emperor of the French
20 March – 22 June 1815
Succeeded by
Louis XVIII of France
as King of France and Navarre
(Napoleon II
according to his will only)
Title last held by
Charles II of Franch
Marshal of France
July 11, 1852 – December 14, 1863
Succeeded by
Louis XVIII of France
Preceded by
Louis-Philippe I
Marshal of British Army
July 12, 1846 – December 14, 1863
Succeeded by
Louis-Philippe Napoleon
Titles in pretence
New title — TITULAR —
Emperor of the Polish Empire
June 13, 1849 – Decmeber 14, 1863</span>
Title next held by
John III

Titles and stylesEdit

Styles of
Casimir I of Polish Empire
606px-Coat of Arms of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and Frist Polish Empire
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style My Lord
Styles of
Kasimir III of Sweden
Greater coat of arms of Sweden (without ermine mantling)
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Sire

Full TitlesEdit


His Imperial Majesty Casimir I, By the Grace of God and the Constitutions of the Republic, Emperor of the Polish Empire; King of the Polish Empire.


His Imperial Majesty Casimir I, By the Grace of God and the Constitutions of the Republic, King of Sweden.

Awards and honorsEdit

File:Kasimir I & III Ellison (Polish Emperor and King).jpg

In PolandEdit

In FranceEdit

In SwedenEdit

Polish Emperor &amp; King; Danny James Ellison

Casimir I, wearing his Dragoon Officer uniform.

References and notesEdit

Kazimierz I & III Philippe Fyodorovich
Born: March 6, 1799 Died: May 14, 1863
Preceded by
New Office Created
Commander-In-Chief of the French
13 June 1805 – 14 December 1843
Succeeded by
Jean de Guohan
Preceded by
New Office Created
Marshal of France
June 13, 1854 – May 14, 1863
Succeeded by
Joesph I
King Casimir I &amp; III Ellison at Siege of Vienna