Kate I
Young girl of Katelyn I of England.jpg
Young girl of Katelyn I of England in 1821.
Emperess-Queen Consort of the Polish And Swedish
Reign 13 June 1806 - 19 April 1827
Predecessor New Monarchs created
Successor Maria Sobieski
1st First Lady of Arkansas
In office 1802-1809
Predecessor New office created
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Born 14 May 1775(1775-05-14)
London, England, British Empire
Died 18 July 1863 (aged 88)
St. Berkshire's Castle, Warsaw, Polish Empire
Spouse(s) Mary II the Sexy (1813-1815)
Danny Knight II Ellison (1815-1863;his death)
Issue Danny Knight II Ellison (boyfriend)
John III
Danny III
Danny IV
Paul Ellison
Charles Louis Danny Ellison
Full name
Katelyn Moore Jackson
House House of Jackson and House of Philippe-d'Ellison
Father Ellison Jackson
Mother Mary Harrison

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