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John Radziłów I
John Radziłów I (1629–1702).jpg
Duke of Radziłów at Battle of Warsaw.
King of the Gmina Radziłów
Duke of Gmina Radziłów
Reign 27 September 1849 – 4 October 1702
Coronation 30 September 1849
Predecessor Title created
Successor John Radziłów II
Born 23 April 1629(1629-04-23)
Radziłów Castle, Radziłów, Gmina Radziłów, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died 4 October 1702 (aged 73)
Lwów, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (present-day Ukraine)
Burial 27 October 1702
Kazimierz and John Cathedral
Spouse Anne Borndotte, Duchess of Radziłów
Issue John Radziłów II
Charles Johnny
Full name
Casimir Radziłów Łódź
Father Casimir William III of Łódź
Mother Marie Francis, Queen consort of Lodz

Casimir Radzilow Lodz (Polish: Kazimierz Radziłów Łódź; Lithuanian: Kazimieras Radzilow Lodz; 23 April 1629 – 4 October 1702) was Polish monarch, King of the Gmina Radziłów also Duke of Gmina Radziłów form 1649 to his death. He was one of monarch who served in Second Northern War (1655-60) and Great Northern War (1700-his death,1702).

During the Battle of Warsaw, he was wounded, he was awake time he was wounded. His father, a monarch who controlled Lodz.