This article is about King of Poland. For 1648 Polish Vasa King, see John II Casimir Vasa.
John III Casimir
Portrait of John III Casimir Vasa.jpg
Emperor of the Polish
Reign 12 February 1817 - 29 July 1820
Coronation 15 December 1833
Predecessor Jean Hollande I
(as Emperor & Grand Duke of the Polish)
Successor Casimir Hollande I
(as King of the Polish)
1st Prime Minister of the Polish
Reign 14 December 1803 - 25 June 1826
Coronation 15 December 1843
Predecessor First Prime Minister
Successor John Vavkowsky
Monarch(s) John III (as King) (1803-1804)
Kazimierz I (as Emperor & King) (1804-1843)
Born 19 April 1791(1791-04-19)
Krakow, Polish Empire
Died 29 February 1833 (aged 41)
Minsk, Polish Empire (now Lithuania)
Spouse None
House House of Vasa (form 1819 until 1845)
Father Jean Hollande I
Mother Kate I

John III Casimir (Polish: Jan III Kazimierz Waza; German: Johann III. Kasimir Wasa; Lithuanian: Jonas Kazimieras Vaza (19 April 1799 – 29 February 1833) was King of Poland form 1843 to his death. He also Prime Minister form 1803-1843. He was one of acsentors is Katie the Sexy (1477-1495). he was adopted son of Kazimierz I of Poland.