Jan Gustav I
First Duke-King of the Kingdom of Lithuania; & President of Minsk Duchy; Duke of Redlation; Emperor of the Polish (Fake; Acting)
Reign 1804 B.E-(M.E) June 1804
Coronation Junuary 6, 1804 (as King and President)
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor Monarchy abolished; Emperor & King, Casimir killed Jan Gustav in 1804.
Born 12 January 1769(1769-01-12)
Krakow, Polish Empire
Died 24 June 1804 (aged 35)
Vienna;, Austrian Empire
Spouse Gustava Jankowkas
Issue [see show]
Charles Gustaf (1794-1863); [1]
Full name
John Gustaf Borkowski (English)
Jan Gustav Berkovwasky (Polish)
House House of Gustaf-Borkowski
Father Jean Gustaf Borkowsky
Mother Gustava Pravlana Berkshire of England

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