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The House of d'Ellison or House of Philippe was formed by Nicholas II Ellison in 1710. The House of Ellison was of Family of Ellisons. On 1825, Danny Ellison be a King of United Kingdom on 1825.

List of Monarchs of the House of Philippe-d'EllisonEdit


Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Nicholas II Ellison
1710 1735 Son of Nicholas I Ellison; Founder, House of Philippe-d'Ellison
Casimir II Tyszkiewicz
1735 1778 Son of Nicholas II Ellison; House of Philippe; Assassinted
80px John II
(1 June 1761-6 May 1802)
1778 1802 Son of Casimir II; King of Poland (1771-1802)

First Polish EmpireEdit


Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
80px Kazimierz I Philippe d'Ellison
(29 December 1777 –
14 December 1824)
13 June 1806 14 December 1824 Son of George III;
Frist Emperor & King of the Polish and Sweden
Portrait of John III Casimir Vasa John III Casimir Vasa
(19 April 1819 – 29 February 1896)
14 December 1824 29 February 1896