View over the green emerald coast, from the tower of Fort La Latte

Fort-la-Latte or Castle of La Latte is a castle located about 4 km southeast of Cap Fréhel and about 35 km west of Saint-Malo, in the commune of Fréhel, Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France. The fort held first resident was Crown-Prince Jean-Baptiste Jules Radziłówsky (later Charles XIV and III John), form 1765 until 1810; then he become King of Sweden and Norway.

It is a famous tourist attraction on the Cote d'Émeraude in the northeast of Brittany. This impressive castle was built on a small piece of land at the Baie de la Fresnaye in the 13th century. Various films have been shot at this site, including The Vikings (1958) by Richard Fleischer with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. The main tower was used in a scene in Ridley Scott's documentary film Life in a Day (2011) by filmmaker brothers Calum Rhys and Morgan T. Rhys. It is also featured in the French band Manau videoclip La Tribu de Dana.

The castle has been classified as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture since 1925.

Cote Emeraude Fort La Latte

View over the green emerald coast, from the tower of Fort La Latte

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NamePictureLifespanLive formLive untilNotesRef.
Jean Hollande I
Charles XIII of Sweden 29 May 1757(1757-05-29) – 12 September 1818 (aged 61) July 14, 1804 September 12, 1818 Was a Emperor of the Polish form 1799 to his assassination of 1818, was father to Emperor-King of the Polish; President of Poland Charles D. Radzilowski ****
Charles Daleno Radzilowski
120px April 24, 1776(1776-04-24) – October 17, 1869 (aged 93) August 24, 1804 October 17, 1869 Was a Field Marshall-General (1805-1824), Son of Jean Hollande I. Elected first President of the Polish Republic, in the 1828 election against Richard Kaczorowski. He served two terms in office, also he was first French-Polish Military person who elected as President.


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