Frist Polish Empire
Pierwsze Polskie Imperium (Polish)
Pirmasis Lenkijos imperija (Lithuanian)
1802–1987 link=[[]] [[[[]]|]]
Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy.svg Coat of arms
Royal Banner Royal Coat of arms
Capital Warsaw
Language(s) Polish, French, English
Government Constitutional Monarchy
King and Emperor
 - 1801-1857 Charles I
 - 1861-1916 Charles II
Prime Minister
 - 1849-1880 John Czarniecki, 1st Earl of Warsaw
 - 1880-1 2nd Earl of Warsaw
Historical era Napoleonic Wars and Polish-Austrian War
 - Established 14 July 1802
 - Constitution adopted August 21, 1802
 - Polish-Austrian War July 15, 1849 - December 5, 1876
 - Invasion of Austia October 4, 1849
 - Treaty of Warsaw February 10, 1854
 - Disestablished 21 July 1987

First Polish Empire also as First Polish Commonwealth (14 July 1802 – 21 July 1987) was formed by first emperor Charles I. Poland, Lithuania, Belgian and Ulkraine become together as biggest empire. With title "Emperor of the Polish and the Commonwealth".

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