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The Ellison Family
Ellison family.jpg
The Ellison family in 2015.
Members Chris K. Ellison
Danny "The Raptor" Ellison
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Name(s) The Ellison Family
The Ellisons
The Ellison Brothers (Charles, Richard, and Danny)
Hometown Arkansas, United States
Debut September 23, 1997
Years active 1997–2000, 2001–2005, 2005–2009, 2009–present
Promotions Motocross

The Ellison family, originating from New York and Arkansas, US, is a family of Professional motocross riders. Famous members of the family include Chris K. Ellison, John M. Ellison, Charles R. Ellison, Danny "The Raptor" Ellison and Seth F. Ellison.

The Ellison family is also currently one of the famous motocross family, which Danny W. Ellison was undefeated streak in motocross.


Beginning of the Ellison family and debut (1997)Edit

Team division dominance (1998–2000)Edit

First disbanded, Seth Ellison first Championship (2000–2001)Edit

2002 Motocross Season and Champions (2002)Edit

Rivalry with the Charlestons, Richard's debut and Second disbanded (2003–2005)Edit

Second return and long dominance (2005–2007)Edit

Various feuds (2007–2009)Edit

Danny's debut and his winning streak (2009–2012)Edit

Reunion, second rivalry with the Kennedy brothers and long domance (2012–present)Edit



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