Edward VI
Edward VI - Otto Bache01.jpg
Portrait of Edward VI by Painting by Otto Bache.
Emperor of the Polish; King of Poland (more...)
Reign 26 February 1896 - 15 May 1900
Predecessor John III Casimir Vasa
Successor Edward VII (acting)
Born 9 October 1839(1839-10-09)
Krakow, Polish Empire
Died 4 June 1900 (aged 60)
Spouse Anne
Issue none[1]
Full name
Edward John Czarnecki
Polish: Edward Jan Czarnecki
House House of Philippe-d'Ellison
Father John Kasimir
Mother Anne Harkaska

Edward VI (Polish: Edward Jan Czarnecki; 9 October 1839 – 4 June 1900) was soldier, King of Poland form 1896 until 1930, also he served as Chancellor of Warsaw form 1865 until 1881.

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