Death and state funeral of Charles XIV John of Sweden
Painting of Emperor-King Karl XIV Johan lit de parade - Skokloster - 48106
The Charles XIV John in Lying in repose on his death-bed on 1844.
Date 26 April–2 May 1844
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Also known as The Death of Charles the Great
Participants Oscar I
James Casimir I of Poland
William I of Württemberg
Outcome Personal physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter
Deaths Charles XIV John of Sweden

On 8 March 1844, Charles XIV John of Sweden, known as "The Death of Charles the Great", died after suffering form stroke at age of 77. Which the Sweden-Norway shocked having king who was popular, died after he on his chambers. His son, Oscar, Duke of Södermanland successes him as Oscar I.

After lying in state for 144 hours, which is last for 6 days in Stocholm, a state funeral service was conducted at the Riddarholm Church 12 October, the day when King Oscar I declared a national day of mourning. Later that day, after the service, Charles John's casket was transported back to Stockholm for the burial at the Riddarholm Church Cathedral. He was the first Swedish monarchs called "the Great King", and "the Dragoon King" at the funeral in the 19th century.



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