Death and state funeral of Charles Radzilowski
File:Charles D. Radzilowski's deathbed in 1869.png
Photo of Charles D. Radzilowski's death bed in 1869.
Date October 17, 1869 – February 2, 1870
Participants Władysław Narutowicz, Jean-Baptiste Perrin, Jean-de-Dieu Soult, Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Isabella II, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, and polish congress, and guests

On October 17, 1869, Charles D. Radzilowski, the 1st President of Poland, died in his home in Krakow, Poland, after having Alzheimer's disease, at afternoon of 6:30pm, at age of 93. His brother died at one year later. After his death, his body was taken from his Krakow, Poland to Warsaw, Poland to prepare the body for burial. On October 25, 1850, Radzilowski's casket was transported by hearse and displayed at the Casimir and John Cathedral in Warsaw, Poland, on October 29, for a service, public viewing and tributes at the Polish Capitol.

Over 164 years of annvirsary of death of former president Charles Radzilowski, President Bronisław Komorowski always remembered his death. Since President Lech Kaczyński and his wife, Maria Kaczyńska visit Radzilowski's casket in 1994. Sixteen years later, President Kaczyński and his wife Maria died on April 10, 2010 after a Polish Air Force Tu-154 crashed outside of Smolensk, Russia. Radzilowski's great-great-great-grandson, Charles Władysław Radzilowski, aged 25, am Lieutenant Commodore of Polish Army, served the crashed, and wounded.

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