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Danny W. Ellison
Danny W. Ellison riding - NYMXT.jpg
Ellison racing at New York Motocross Race Track (NYMXT) in 2017.
Birth name Daniel Wesley Ellison
Born (1999-05-03) May 3, 1999 (age 18)
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Nickname(s) Raptor[a]
The Prince of Motocross
Bike Number #76
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m)
Weight 147 lb (67 kg)
Nationality United States American
Occupation Pro Motocross rider and YouTube personality
Spouse(s) Madison K. Jefferson
Motocross career
Active years 2009; 2014–present
Teams Falcon Motorsports KTM, Honda and Yamaha
Grands Prix 7x
(2010, 2012, 2-2014, 2-2015, 2016)
Championships 2x FIM Motocross Junior World Championship
(1-2009 1-2014)
4x The Rivalry on Championships
(1-2014 1-2015 1-2017)
14x One-on-One Championship
(1-2009 4-2014 3-2015 8-2016 6-2017)
1x Jersey Motocross Championship
Wins 25–0
(Ellison's winning streak)
GP debut July 12, 2009, GP of Arkansas, 125cc
First GP win August 9, 2014, GP of New York MX2

Daniel Wesley "Danny" Ellison, also known as Raptor (born Daniel Wesley Ellison, May 3, 1999 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, U.S.), known by his YouTube username SpartanMazda is an American Internet personality and Professional Motocross racer, currently riding the no. 76. He was one of the most successful motocross riders in motocross history. Considered he was the Catholic or Christian.

He begin his motocross career when he was nine years old in 2009; but stopped for five years; which he returned to Motocross in 2014. He's best known for his current undefeated consecutive streak since few months after he was begin his career in 2009. His got a lot of knee injuries during his motocross career thought out the years. During the years, he was the best at 250cc stroke and 450cc stroke. He was titled the most winning streak in Motocross, which he was appeared in many videos. But the most popular rivalry was the Kennedy Brothers during the earliest years in his career. He is also a 7x Grand Prix motocross world champion (2010, 2012, 2-2014, 2-2015, 2016). The Motocross News named him, "The Prince of Motocross" in 2015.

He started his YouTube career under the name of "SpartanMazda", on May 24, 2010.[1] He starting playing both The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout series let's plays and later mods review; which he most popular in his Skyrim Mods reviews and sometimes Fallout Mods reviews as well. His most popular of his multiple voices such as; Old Lady voice and Subscriber/Viewer Voice.[2]

In 2013, he was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and he was inducted and rewarded in the Historipedia Hall of Fame in 2015. Since 2014, he still suffering his knee injury that which cause to limping. But he also rides since his injury. He has a cultivated a Legacy within pro freestyle motocross being highly regarded by fellow Motocross personal and fans alike as he is considered to be one of the best professional motocross rider of all time.[3]

Early life and early career

Main article: Ellison family
Ellison family

Ellison (third from the right) with his family members in 2015.

Danny W. Ellison was born Daniel Wesley Ellison on May 3, 1999 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, into a family of motocross riders. His father, Chris K. Ellison, an former motocross rider (19621997) and his mother, Mary Jackson–Ellison, with his older brothers, Richard and Charles Ellison and his lesbian sister, Marisa R. Ellison. He was the member of the most famous motocross family, which the foundation by his grandfather Albert C. Ellison (1912–2007), an former motocross rider from 1943 to 1976.

Racing dirtbikes has been part of Ellison's life since his childhood, but he never seriously considered any other profession. "I think my grandfather see it first," he said. "When I was super young, I told her, 'I can't do this anymore, will I get off, get injured or be in wheelchair for rest of my life.' She said, 'No, keep racing, me and your dad will also train you and support you.'"[4] During the 2000s, Ellison moved and lived in Manhattan, New York, where he games of Airsoft and was living his family.[5] He later said, "When I was about six or seven, I lived in New York with my family and we have a big track for dirtbikes and the house was like a mansion like, which my grandfather brought after his sixteenth win in 1957."

Ellison ancestral origin includes Polish, German, Hungarian and Italian. When Ellison was six years old, he was suffering from tremors in legs, and sometimes hands since he was ten years old. He also had learning disability, his also had Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which his family's history had this disorder.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content. The most time that his father spent with him was taking him to the gym to train and work on his motocross, according to Ellison. "I don't remember him ever taking me anywhere or doing anything that a father would do with a son, going to the park or to the movies or to get ice cream," he says. "I always thought that he liked his sons (Danny's older brothers) better than he liked me because she never got whippings and I got whippings all the time."

Of course he was most hobby than motocross is Airsoft since 2007.[6] He has perfect relationship with his parents and siblings, evening his family. "I had a perfect relationship with my sons and our family" the elder Ellison said. "We did had some off moments, but we always work it out and at the moment of his racing career". In 2017, he's graduated of the Manhattan Bridges High School since 2013.

Amateur career

Rise to motorcycle fame, 2009

DannyWEllison in 2013

Ellison in the 2009, when his first retirement.

When he was nine, he bought his first dirtbike and started to race as an amateur in New York and Florida in July 12, 2009. In August 9, Ellison made his motocross debut took his first win at 2009 Grand Prix Motocross Championship in Newark, New Jersey and defeating Ryan Williams in 2009 One-on-One Championship.[7][8] For the first time, at the age of nine, Ellison was won his first debut and defeating his opponent with an iron fist.

Rivalry with Kennedy Brothers and first retirement

After he joined Motocross, his father putted Ellison in Fox Racing, which is he buys around 5 motocross gears. He won his first championships in April of 2009. After he finished Ellison champion, Charles D. Kennedy and Richard D. Kennedy (known as The Kennedy brothers want to challenge Ellison for his Champion title.

On 2 July 2009, During the The Rivalry on Championships, the rivalry between between Ellison and the Kennedys, which Ellison was little overmatched with the Kennedys. Ellison won 6 times and he lost 4 or 3 times to the Kennedys. On the final match, Ellison and the Kennedys want forced on each other, and Ellison won the match, with both Kennedys were seconds behind Ellison, which Ellison was victorious with the The Rivalry Champion. And both the Kennedys and Ellison end their rivalry. A few months after his victory, Ellison announced to taking an break from racing[9], until 2014 when Ellison return to racing.

His first retirement, called an "semi-retired", when he first Motocross News will plan to schedule Ellison to one match every year until 2014. The following year Ellison accepted the challenge against Joseph Harris in the One-on-One match of the event 2010 FIM Motocross Season on 19 May. At the event, Ellison defeated Harris to improved his streak, 2–0. At the 2011 FIM Motocross Season, he confronted by the rookie The Chosen in One-on-One. At event, Ellison defeated The Chosen, improved his streak, 3–0. While he was in covensative victories at One-one-One match, he also defeated Julien Bill at the following year at 2012 FIM Motocross Season and proved his record, 4–0 on 9 March. His last straight semi-retire win is at the 2013 FIM Motocross Season, when he was accepted the challenge against José Butrón in the One-on-One match on 3 March, but at the event, Butron tried to challenge Ellison with 61-60, which Ellison defeated Butrón in a very close match and improving his winning streak of 5–0. He then returned to racing in 2014.

Professional motocross career

Return to racing, 2014–2016


Ellison in 2014.

Ellison returns to Motocross for the first time in six years, now fourteen years old. In a couple weeks later, he signed with Fox Racing.[10] Ellison got opportunity to race against James Polk on 24 January 2014, at the event he defeated Polk; lead his streak 6–0. For two years, he been wearing "Fox Racing - 2015 360 Marz" purple and Combo (blue, yellow and red). During 2014 and 2015 motocross season, Ellison's 2015 360 Marz Combos are tight. He was training by Motocross legend and The G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) Ricky Carmichael.

While on Fox Racing, Ellison was most favorable motocross rider along his two years in Fox Racing. Ellison was likeable in the years in Fox. Ellison also defeated Seth Enslow on 7 May in Fayetteville, North Carolina improving his record 7–0. He also made friends with fellow Motocross rider, John Churchill.

Danny &quot;The Raptor&quot; Ellison

Ellison in 2014, with a knee injury in his training.

While competing at the seventh round of the 2014 AMA Supercross series in Dallas Texas and going in an Epic Battle with Ryan Villopoto, Ellison crashed and sustained numerous injuries including his left knee. The most serious of the injuries required surgery for a torn ACL. Consequently, Reed was forced to drop out of the 2012 title chase while sitting second in overall championship points.

After the surgery, the injury still hurting until the he was fully recovered with 2 or 3 weeks off. When he heard his friend Robert Jackson died form head injury at age of 19. He went to Jackson's funeral with injured leg, his girlfriend supporting Ellison since the couple met. Ellison was challenged by Ryan Villopoto, which leads to 2014 Rivalry on Championships on 18 October 2014, at the event, Ellison sneak passed and defeated Villopoto; and proving his record, 8–0.

Fleshwound Films once again held a record event in 2008 where several records were broken. This year, Enslow was able to participate and set a new personal best with a jump of 301 feet. However, this was far from close to breaking the record since it had been bettered by both Robbie Maddison and Ryan Capes. However, Enslow commented his jump with, "I am stoked. I may not have claimed the World Record but I am really happy with my result. That is the best I have jumped." Enslow also says he no longer has any plans to try to break the overall record since the stakes are just too high with the current record being set at 346 feet 4 inches set by Robbie Maddison.

Ellison entered the 2014 Grand Prix Motocross Championship where he racing against Jack Maddison in Paris, France. Before the racing, he get confronted by Maddison that he claims that Ellison's cheater. At the event, Ellison almost got injured and defeated Maddison during 5th or 6th rounds by 41-32, improving his One-on-One record, 9–0.

Private racing, third injury, and appearance, 2015

He said on twitter, that he will race in 2015. He making a couple more private races with his friend, Ryan Villopoto. On January 26, 2015, Ellison suffered another knee injury, which he damage his knee collar bone. In June 5, he announced on twitter that he and his girlfriend will launched in few days. Ellison has made cameos in several music videos, Including Kid Rock's video "Bawitdaba" jumping the trailer park,[11] He has appeared in Pink's "Just Like a Pill", "So What", "Raise Your Glass", "Just Give Me a Reason", and "True Love" videos. On the 2000 Australian Warped Tour, he played bass with the band Pennywise.

Danny Ellison 2015

Ellison in the Private race in 2015.

Ellison has also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, Inked, MTV's Life of Ryan, Rove Live (Australia), appeared on The Today Show, was a guest in Talkin' 'bout Your Generation and has starred in several films including ESPN/Touchstone Pictures’ IMAX film, Ultimate X, Terrafirma 5, Frenzno Smooth, Flipped Out, Crush: A Transworld Motocross Film, Seth II and several of the "Crusty Demons" series. He also has had cameo appearances in xXx and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Motocross News announced and confirmed that Ellison returned racing, where he was against Brain Letterman at the 2015 One-on-One Championship in Dublin. After his birthday, he flied to Dublin and was training of eight-days later. Ellison later defeated Letterman, improving his One-on-One record, 6–0. Six days later, Seth F. Sutter confronted Ellison and wants to end his streak, Ellison accepted the challenge, this will make 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship but make it One-on-One match. At the event, Ellison quickly defeated Sutter, now his one-on-one record is 10–0.

Ellison stated that he will make only Private racing by end of 2015. Ellison will race against Justin Washington in Ellison's home state of New York on 10 October 2015, at the event, Ellison defeated Washington, improving his record, 11–0. On October 29, he appeared on "The Late Show with Steven Colbert", which talked about his injuries, and how to be champion.

2016 Season, fourth injury, 2016

Ellison sign with Inverted Industries on December 8, 2016; as well still signing with the Fox Racing since 2014. Ellison entered the 2016 Motocross Season, which he was 5th place, Ellison kinda disappointed but he was glad to rise up since he was 9 or 10th place in the 2010 Motocross Season. During the Winter X Games XX on January 28-30, he suffered fourth injury on knee collar bone on leg and deltoid on arm. As of February, he still slowly recovered.[12] A month later, Ellison's arm injury have been recovered. The Maguire's Motocross Racing Series announced that he will be facing one-on-one race against Charles D. Kennedy, which Ellison accepted the challenge to defend his streak on April 30th.[13]


Danny Ellison in 2016.

On April 30, 2016, Ellison defeated his rival Kennedy in one-on-one match as Ellison's streak is now undefeated record now, 12–0.[14] During this, Kennedy after being defeated challenged Ellison again to end his 12-0 winning streak, which it lead up the 2016 MXR Championship. On May 5, Ellison retaining his undefeated streak with 13–0.[15] On June 19, Ellison returned to motocross to victory in the event, X Games Austin 2016 when he defeated Jack Adams in a one-on-one event, which he gained his 14-0 winning streak. Ellison victory over Jason Remington to restraining his 12-0 winning streak on August 2.

Sometimes a week later, Ellison was able to get a victory which 15-0 over Louis Philippe in Paris. A month later, Ellison accepted the challenge on Blake Baggett in the 2016 One-On-One Motocross Season. On October 4th 2016, he was won over Baggett to gain his 15 winning streak. The current Manager, John Percy stated Ellison that he will have two more races in the One-on-One championships, before the year is over, which later confirmed by the Historipedia.[16] A week after thanksgiving, Ellison was challenged by James Pierce, which leads to One-on-One Championship. On the main event, Ellison defeated Pierce and improving his One-on-One record, 16–0. On December 3, Ellison was confirmed that he was racing in the Winter X Games XX which leads an one-on-one match against José Butron on December 29. On the racing event in New Jersey, Ellison defeated Butron, and was up 17-0 and finishing the 2016 season.

Returning to X Games and NYMX Track

DannyWEllison GP2015

Danny Ellison in GP 2015 Championship in Manhattan, New York.

Ellison will race in the 2017 season. He also announced that his first race in January 2017 in Frankfort, Kentucky. On 17 January 2017, Ellison was placed second place, while the first place is Charlie Jefferson. Round two will be announcing and took place next month. It also confirmed that Ellison returns to the Winter X Games XXI in Aspen, Colorado, which is going to against William B. Mason, a 3rd time X-Games Champion. On 26 January, Ellison returns to Winter X Games XXI and defeated Mason in an close match. After the match, Mason said that "he was glad to battled Ellison in the match, and I'll to work with the Raptor in the future". Ellison continuing with private track-racing for the following month that first public race since January in Boston, Massachusetts on March 4.

On March 24–26, Ellison entered in the New York Private Motocross Track or (NYPMXT) with his family members and other riders. On Friday, he went first place with his friend, Paul Mason, III in second. Ellison almost have injury in his arm when he crashed. On Saturday, Ellison went second, with Michael Pole in first, and his brother, Richard in third. On Sunday, he went first (2-0)[17], which also improving his One-on-One record 20-0 on first day and 21-0 on the second and last day in NYPMXT, with Jason Michaels in first and Franklin P. Jefferson in third.

Returning to Motocross and Latest feuds

Ellison returns to Motocross in an NYMX Event as the 2017 One-On-One Motocross Season announced on April 29. Few weeks later, Ellison appeared in Remington's Motocross Track in Tennessee where a Professional Motocross rider, Mike Redman confronting and challenging Ellison to the One-on-One Match which the matches on One-on-One on May 19, which Ellison accepted.[18] On the event on May 19, Ellison defeated Redman by retaining his winning streak. 22–0 with Ellison win five rounds; while Redman win four rounds.[19]

After few months later, he also returns to Motocross when he races Charles D. Kennedy on June 30, which ends an tie. After the match, he was rivalry to William John Mason, at the time that his formerly motocross racer in 2009, the rivalry between Mason and Ellison were at New York Motocross Track event, owned and hosting by the Ellison family.[20] Kennedy's last race in NYMTMX's Race to the death match between one of legends in motocross, including Ryan Villopoto, Ken Roczen, Chad Reed and Ellison's father, Chris Keith Ellison. Kennedy retired on July 7[21], which the motocross community was shocked that Kennedy retired. As Kennedy prepared to leave, Ellison appeared and give a handshake with respect.

Ellison was in Pala when he was confronted by The McJ, who was also friends with Ellison. At the time, McJames wanted Ellison to have a march in Pala and NYMTMX in a few weeks, but was confirmed on August 2 by the Historipedia Times. The racing match against McJames will be in August 9. At the event, Ellison defeated McJames with ungenially victory.[22] The following week, Ellison was confirmed to race Joseph Johnston nicknamed JJ, at the One-on-One event, 2017 Rivalry on Championships on August 25, which defeated Johnston on 2-6 rounds; improving his One-On-One record, 23–0.[23] On 3 September. Ellison returned to NYMXT and confirmed by the Motocross News that he will be entered in the 2017 FIM Motocross World Championship for One-on-One Match against Thomas Covington on 17 September.[24][25][26] At the event, Ellison defeated Covington, lead his streak to 24–0.[27] At Pala, he was in rivalry with Richard Kennedy, an brother of the former motocross rider, Charles, during his privacy racing, and Kennedy forced to challenged him, which leads to Jersey Motocross Championship and set on September 24th. At the Championship, Ellison defeated Kennedy after he had another seriously knee injury, lead his record, 25–0.[28]

YouTube career

YouTube information
Channel(s) SpartanMazda
Spartan Mazda
Years active 2010–present (SpartanMazda)
(Spartan Mazda)
Genre Let's Play, Gaming
Subscribers 7.9 Million (Main)
5.1K (Spartan Mazda)
Network Machinima, Inc.
Associated acts AlChestBreach

Channel format

The main focus of SpartanMazda[1]'s videos is his mod reviews and DLC playthroughs of the games Fallout: New Vegas and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More recently, he has expanded his repertoire, and has done "Let's Play" videos of Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Fallout 4 and mainly random games, like Skyrim: Dovapocalypse, Half-Life series, Team Fortress 2, and Mount & Blade: Warband. He has several series; Skyrim Mods Week, where he review mods in Skyrim each Wednesday; Fallout Friday, where he plays any of Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 3. He is also an fan of AlChestBreach.

Nature of content

The nature of Ellison's video content has been described by various outlets as goofy, energetic, obnoxious, and filled with profanity. However, many of the same outlets concede that SpartanMazda's content starting as a The Elder's Scrolls V: Skyrim playthoughs, which later Modded let's plays. Ellison or SpartanMazda is known for getting easily distracted in reviews, sometimes shouting at NPCs for doing really annoying or stupid things, a good example being when he yelled at the character Lydia.


Spartan Mazda

The logo and currently Spartan of Halo Reach of SpartanMazda.

Early years (2010–2011)

Ellison created a YouTube channel called "SpartanMazda"[30] on July 6, 2009. he began The Elder Scrolls and Fallout let's plays. Middle of 2010, his channels hits 1,000 subscribers. He was show "Draw My Life" around 1,500 subscribers, and he mets PewDiePie,after he begin to start herror games, such as, F.E.A.R games, also Indie Herror games. He favorite games is Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas with his famous vide(s) named "Fallout 3 Mods: Dragonskin Tactical Outfit", and Skyrim DLC: Dawnguard – Part 1. He created his twitter account (which is Verified in 2009), also same with his youtube channel. As his most subscribe youtuber in 2012-2014.

On February 2, 2016, Ellison announced on YouTube on his main channel that he will returning of Motocross Commentaries. Also on April 4 of the same year, he also returning on The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim Myths.[31]

Becoming the first Motocross Youtuber (2011)

The Road to Nukes beginning on July 13, 2011, and becoming a famous series since then. The famous series Road to Nukes that he'll make a MOAB, Nuke, KEM and DNA Bomb in FFA, TD, Dom, etc. Mazdashot told the fans that to explain what Road to Nukes is, as he tries to get a Nuke in Call of Duty in game modes, if he get a Nuke, that's successes, if he cant get it, is called a "Choke".

As of 2016, Mazdashot has announced his retirement and quitting Call of Duty completely and the series had ended with Road to Nuke streak is 205-22 (205 wins and 22 lost or chokes).[31]

Fallout and Skyrim Series and Characters

Mazdashot is best known for his gameplay walkthroughs in Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3 and currently Fallout 4. His fame in YouTube have brought as being the first youtuber who being a motocross rider that was famous.

In Fallout 3, Mazdashot's character was created as a 16 year old teen, wearing a Modded "Dragonskin Tactical Outfit" with Facemask[32], which the character in fact a Bounty Hunter and Swat Chief Petty Officer. And its weapon is Combat shotgun and Scoped .44 magnum.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the character was created as a 17 or 18 year old teen, with clean face with no beard or moustache. Wearing a Elite Riot Gear with its weapon change is any. This character in FNV is former Bounty Hunter and Swat member and currently a son of NCR General.

In Fallout 4, this character is made by a married woman around 16 or 18. Wearing a Modded Full "NCR Veteran Ranger Armor"[33]

Other then Fallout, Ellison also mostly known for his The Elder's Scrolls V: Skyrim series, even he correctly with Mods. Since he enjoys Skyrim, he often hates the Dragons.

SpartanMazda's distinctive Skyrim character's main features are young teenager, short blonde hair, purple eyes, wearing a modded "Assassin's Armor". The Character name is "Marisa Beneathil" and was created by Ellison in "Skyrim". But this character was also recreated in "SKyrim Special Edition" but he wears full set of "Assassin's armor".

YouTube Red and network growth

On February of 2016, Ellison announced that his series, Motocross with Danny Ellison on YouTube Red. The first season started on June 18, and ended on October 2. The second and current season started on December 2016. Ellison's series brought a mini criticism about 20% of the viewers as well 80& of the viewers enjoying the series (as of January 2017). Youtube stated that "The Motocross with Danny Ellison" is one of the most popular series in motocross. Freestyle Motocross riders' including Nate Adams, Josh Sheehan, and Jeremy Stenberg rated the Motocross with Danny Ellison, a 9.1 percent. Adams stated that the series will be a success within in motocross community as well as Stenberg.

Ellison signed with an Warner Bros.'s owned Machinima, Inc. in 29 June 2013. The relationship with Machinima and Ellison are an friendly relationship.

Writing career


Main article: Historipedia

Ellison and others of the Ellison family co-founded a wikipedia styled called Historipedia, a Wikia website. Ellison was Co-founder and former General Manager since 2014. On November 18, 2016, Ellison stepped down from Co-founder and General Manager of Historipedia, and he will be focusing on his motocross and his YouTube careers. On January 23 of the following year, Ellison returned to Historipedia with the role of Senior editor.

The Danny W. Ellison Show

Main article: The Danny W. Ellison Show

Throughout his motocross career, Ellison at age of 15, he founded his first and only talking show about Motocross news and topics. The show itself was sponsored to both the Ellison family and Historipedia, as well as the foundations of Ellison and Fox foundation.

Few weeks after launching the show, he was invited to The Pulp Show with Steve Matthes and as well of The Ellison Podcast with his brothers, Charles and Richard. The following year later, the show was a while inactive as Ellison had won two victories against Seth Francis Sutter and Justin Washington. Ellison was currently the role of Founder and editor-in-chief of his own show. The Danny W. Ellison Show was earned about 530,000 dollars each month and was below of Pulp Show; as well as rank of #4.

The History Times

Main article: The History Times

Historipedia announced on twitter that created a news website style, "The History Times" on May 6, 2017. The website will be a motocross news similarly to Historipedia. Ellison will be full control of the website and will be named Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of the History Times.

Royal Spartan

Ellison was the host of the Royal Spartan from January 4 to July 1, 2014.

Motocross News Anchor

When the Motocross News Anchor Paul McMichaels retired at age of 52, due to his health problems. Ellison was part-time Anchor of the Motocross News on 2011, during his stopping his motocross career. As Anchor, he wasn't most popular at the time, but he is entertaining his fans and audience. On 2013, Ellison retired and returned to Motocross a following year. He was succeeded by Katelyn Johnson.


Aside from his Motocross and Freestyle Motocross streak and victories, Ellison also holds the record for the most victories at the FIM Motocross Junior World Championship, The Rivalry on Championships, Maguire's Motocross Racing Series and One-on-One Championship. Ellison was one of the best professional/freestyle motocross rider in a 2011.[34] Ellison was the first athlete was 15th Gold medals in XGAMES, also suffering from tremor in leg, and arm called Orthostatic tremor. Also suffering from speech disorder, Dipraxia and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) from age of six.

Ellison was best known for his currently 25 undefeated consecutive streak[35][36] and counting in motocross event, One-on-One Championship. His brothers, Richard and Charles Ellison was his loyal family siblings towards Ellison. Ellison was also a 7x Grand Prix motocross world champion (2010, 2012, 2-2014, 2-2015, 2016). Due his rivalry the Kennedy Brothers, Ellison victory against the Kennedy brothers.

He also a student of the Manhattan Bridges High School which he will be graduated in 2017. He also known as "The Young Motocross Legend" or "The Young Motocrosser". The streak was took place on 9 August 2009 in Newark, New Jersey when he defeated, Michael Ford.[10]

Since, he was part and member of the Ellison family, a motocross family in Manhattan, New York. He was almost the loyalist person within the family. Which since he battle with and against with the The Kennedy Brothers, he remained friends with both Charles D. Kennedy and Richard J. Kennedy.

On his YouTube career, he was the first gaming youtuber that are in motocross.[37]

Motocross career results

The Streak

Main article: The Streak (motocross)

Ellison was very known for his motocross streak by wins at events. He becoming the Most winning streak in Motocross. His streak is currently active.

Motocross's win-loss record of Danny W. Ellison
Win-loss Opponent Date Location Event Note
1–0 Ryan Williams 9 Aug 2009 Newark, New Jersey 2009 One-on-One Championship This marked the first victory of The Streak
2–0 Joseph Harris 19 May 2010 San Bernardino, California 2010 FIM Motocross World Championship This is first consecutive win; was scheduled to have one match every year until 2013.
3–0 The Chosen 16 May 2011 Detroit, Michigan 2011 FIM Motocross World Championship This is One-on-One match.
4–0 Julien Bill 9 March 2012 Austin, Texas 2012 One-on-One Championship
5–0 José Butrón 3 March 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada 2013 One-on-One Championship This is last consecutive win, return to racing the following year
6–0 James Polk 24 Jan 2014 New York City, New York 2014 FIM Motocross World Championship Ellison's comeback after 5 or 6-year retirement (semi-retirement)
7–0 Seth Enslow 7 May 2014 Fayetteville, Arkansas 2014 One-on-One Championship
8–0 Ryan Villipoto 18 Oct 2014 Fayetteville, North Carolina 2014 Rivalry on Championships
9–0 Brain Letterman 11 May 2015 Dublin, Ireland 2015 One-on-One Championship
10–0 Seth F. Sutter 17 Mar 2015 Springdale, Arkansas 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship
11–0 Justin Washington 10 Oct 2015 Manhattan, New York 2015 Rivalry on Championships
12–0 The CDK 30 Apr 2016 Southern Ontario, Canada 2016 AMA Championship
13–0 The CDK 5 May 2016 Austin, Texas 2016 MXR Championship
14–0 Jack Adams 19 Jun 2016 Great Britain X Games Austin 2016
15–0 Jason Remington 2 Aug 2016 2016 New York Motocross Championship
16–0 L. Philippe 19 Aug 2016 Paris, France
17–0 Blake Baggett 4 Oct 2016 Seattle, Washington 2016 One-On-One Motocross Season
18–0 James Pierce 1 Nov 2016 Glendale, Arizona One-on-One Championship
19–0 José Butron 29 Dec 2016 Hamilton, New Jersey Winter X Games XX This was an One-on-One Match
20–0 Paul Mason 24 Mar 2017 New York New York Private Motocross Track He went first place; which leads to 1-0.
21–0 Michael Pole 26 Mar 2017 Went second place on 26 March, which makes Ellison 2-0.
22–0 Mike Redman 19 May 2017 Tennessee 2017 One-on-One Championship
23–0 Joseph Johnston 25 Aug 2017 Houston, Texas 2017 Rivalry on Championships
24–0 Tom Covington 17 Sept 2017 Villars-sous-Écot, France 2017 FIM Motocross World Championship This was an One-on-One Match
25–0 Rich Kennedy 24 Sept 2017 Paterson, New Jersey 2017 Jersey Motocross Championship


  • 33 wins in 125/250 FIM Motocross 3-2009 4-2014 12-2015 7-2016 7-2017
  • 25 wins in 250/450 One-On-One Motocross 1-2009 1-2010 1-2011 1-2012 4-2014 3-2015 8-2016 6-2017
  • 58 total Motocross wins

Grand Prix


Hall of Fame

In 2014, he was inducted in the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.[38][37]

In 2015, he was inducted in the Historipedia Hall of Fame.[3]


Year Award Category Result Ref.
2016 Youth Assisting Award Youth Assisting Nominated [39]
2014 Motorsports Hall of Fame Best Motocross Rider Won [40]
Most Winning Streak in Freestyle Motocross and Motocross Won [40]
2013 Youth Acting Awards #1 Best Young Actor Nominated -
2012 Motocross Award Most Winning Streak Nominated [41]


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Crusty Demons of Dirt 4 Himself
2014 Danny Ellison - The Raptor's Streak

Himself Credited for his winning streak
2014 Danny W. Ellison vs Seth Enslow Himself
2015 Wrath Child Himself
2016 Jeremy McGrath: Steel Roots Himself
Year Title Role(s) Notes
2014–16 Historipedia Co-founder
General manager
2016–present Editor-in-chief Returned to Historipedia; part-time
2017–present The History Times Co-founder
The History Times are part of the Historipedia family.
2014 Royal Spartan Editor (host) Was part from January 4 to July 1, 2014; he was replaced by Paul Harris Jr.
Television series
Year Series Role Notes
2015–present The Danny W. Ellison Show Himself (host)
Video games
Year Title Role Notes
2013 Motocross Madness Himself (#76) Playable rider
2014 MX vs. ATV Supercross Himself Playable rider of the One-on-One Match game mode
MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame Himself Playable rider
2018 MX vs. ATV All Out Himself Playable rider

Personal life

Ellison met and currently in the relationship with Madison K. Jefferson. His father who are almost a motocross family, the family still lives in Manhattan, New York. Since the death of Robert Jackson in 2011, during 2011 championship. Ellison's hobbies was video games, woodworking, and playing tennis. Ellison's oldier brothers taught him how to ride a Motorcycle at young age. He was diagnosed and suffered from Contraction tremors, in legs, and arms/hands. Ellison have currently 2 pets, one dog, Fudge and one cat, Buddy. Overall have one cat named CoCo, which passed away in his sleep on 2008.

In his career, Ellison was over nineteen wins in One-on-One Championship, which known as the Streak. His older brothers, Richard and Charles Ellison are worried that Ellison getting more injuries, form almost three years. Ellison is still suffered knee injury in 2014. He also announces that he opened his owned shop at Alias, by using the code ELLISON, here the tweet!. His grandmother, Shiela P. Ellison died on 17 July 2015, at aged 76.

He is a mixed martial arts fan and has attended almost all Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) shows, as his is a huge fun and great friends with Charles N. Williams, a cousin of his sister's girlfriend. He is also a huge Ghost Adventures fan. Ellison was fan of the New England Patriots since 2011. Ellison had been friends with the Fox Racing's Founder and CEO Geoff Fox since Ellison joined Fox in 2009.

Ellison started his Airsoft in 2007, two years before his motocross career. He manly posted pictures on Facebook in his Muticam loadout. He suffered five major injuries from 2007 to 2012, and seven terrible injuries (2008, 2012, 2014, and on). On 27 March 2014, he tweeted on twitter that he retiring his Airsoft career and he retuning his motocross career. On October of 2015, he stated on twitter that he returned to Airsoft and Motocross at the same time.[42]


On July 18, he got evicted from his home which he shocking post on twitter,[43] which he will be homeless until he get a new home. Almost three months later, Ellison made a statement on Facebook, saying that he got a new home.[44]

On November 18, Ellison stepped down from Co-founder and General Manager of Historipedia, and he will be focusing on his motocross and his YouTube careers. On January 23, 2017, Ellison returned to Historipedia with the role of Senior editor.


As Ellison growing up, he was troubling walking by injury his knee, by cause shaking to his legs. Ellison was suffered Resting tremors and Contraction tremors at age of seven in 2007. His friends near Ellison was saw signs of Ellison's leg (right or left leg on brake) was shaking, when he at the starting line.


On 13 June 2011, Ellison was named a Hall of Fame for service to motorsports as a professional supercross motorcycle rider at national and international levels, and to the community.[37]

On 2016, he was awarded with an Youth Assisting Award.[45][46][47]


Through out Ellison's motocross career, he had series of injuries. The latest injury was 3rd knee injury in 2016.

Year Injury Notes
2014 1st Torn Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) and Broken Ankle
2015 Dislocated hip, 2nd torn Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) and concession
2016 3rd torn Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL), Broken Collar Bone and Fractured Femur.
2017 4th Torn Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) Injured during the 2017 Jersey Motocross Championship against Richard J. Kennedy, but won via victories of 7-4; leads to 22-0.

Other activities

As Ellison got older, he looked for other business to branch into to be able to make a living with less risks involved. A few years back, he opened Headquarters Tattoo Parlor and hired many of his friends who were tattoo artists as well as learning to tattoo himself. Beside offering tattoos and piercings, they also sell DVDs featuring Ellison's riding, his signature series of shoes and other products. He has also purchased several properties and is planning to get into the real estate business. Ellison also owns a custom built motorcycle built by Matt Hotch from Hot Match Custom Cycles.


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