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Danny De'Filippo (Russian: Даниэль Фёдорович Белтон) (born Daniel Fyodorovich Belton; December 25, 1907 – November 5, 1976) was Russian-born soldier and gangster boss of De'Filippo family also Boss of all bosses. He was also a Sergeant form 1938 until 1940, and Lieutenant general form 1940 until 1945. He was the best friend of Al Capone.

He was born Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire form at age 4 to 13, the De'Flilippo family goes and live in United States. In 1939, when World War 2 break out, he joined Russian Army form 1939-1945. De'Filippo was wounded at Battle of Berlin in 1945, after Adolf Hitler comminted sucide in 1945. Then De'Flilippo family moved to United States at age of 38. He met and becomes good and best friends with Al Capone. De'Flilippo was gangster and soon become Boss of all bosses. He was a godson of Jack De'Filippo and great-greatgodson was Tsar of all russias, King of Sweden, and Emperor-King of the Polish Kazimierz Philippe I of Poland.