Danny Richard Capone
Daniel Capone in 1932, appeared Most Wanted of the United States
Born Daniele Richard Capone II
May 3, 1899(1899-05-03)
Brooklyn, New York
Died October 11, 1992 (aged 93)
Chicago, Illinois
Resting place Mount Carmel Cemetery
Occupation Gangster, bootlegger, criminal, racketeer, General of Chicago Outfit
Spouse(s) Carly Markey (1933-1947; 1948-1968; 1969-his death)
Partner Al Capone (older brother)
Children Daniele Carson Capone-Kennedy (b. 1977)

Daniele "Danny" Richard Capone II (May 3, 1899 – October 11, 1992) was

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