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Charles Derek Roosevelt
Portait of Charles D. Rossevelt in 1919.
Portait of Charles D. Rossevelt in 1919.
7th Prime Minister of Poland
Term 13 March 1933 – 5 November 1845
Predecessor Casimir G. Buczkowski
Successor The Duke of Lodz
14th Chief of Staff of the United States Army
Reign 16 April 1914 – 17 October 1936
Predecessor Raymond T. D'Vito
Successor Jacob C. Harrison
Born 2 October 1887(1887-10-02)
Governor's Mansion, Manhattan, New York, United States
Died 17 March 1948 (aged 60)
Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Poland
Issue Edward Roosevelt
Charles D. Roosevelt, Jr.
Political party Independent
Father James Roosevelt I
Mother Sara Roosevelt
Religion Roman Catholicism

Charles Derek Roosevelt (2 October 1887 – 17 March 1948)

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