Charles I Radzilowski
Charles I Radzilowski as Crown Prince in 1803.
Charles I Radzilowski as Crown Prince in 1803.
Emperor-King of the Polish and Holland
Reign 20 March 1803 – 17 October 1869
Inauguration 6 April 1803
Predecessor Monarchy established
(Jean Hollande I as King of Poland)
Successor Casimir VI of Poland
King of Sweden and Norway
Reign 4 February 1816 – 24 June 1848
Coronation 6 July 1816
Predecessor Charles XVIII
Successor Casimir I
Born 24 April 1776(1776-04-24)
Radzilow, Podlaskie
Died 17 October 1869 (aged 93)
Łazienki, Krakow
Burial Kazimierz and John Cathedral, Warsaw, Poland
Issue John H. Radzilowski
Daleno Radzilowski III
Full name
Charles Daleno Radzilowski
House House of Radzilow
Father Jean Hollande I
Mother Maria Boyarska
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Roman Catholicism
Signature Signature of Charles Radzilowski.png