Count and Governor-General
Charles Beauforte
Governor-General - Charles Beauforte IV in 1648.PNG
Chancellor of Poland
Term 1650-1678
Predecessor Casimir Ellisonsky
Successor None (until 1930)
Polish Ambassador to France
Term 1670-1678
Predecessor John Vasa
Successor Richard Harrisky
5th Mayor of Krakow (acting)
Term 3 November 1671 - 11 May 1672
Predecessor Louis Berhier
Successor 2nd Count of Krakow
Governor-General of Krakow
Crown Prince of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Reign 24 September 1730 – 17 July 1678
Predecessor Title created (by Consul)
Successor Count Casimir Tyskiewicz
Born 24 May 1609(1609-05-24)
Kazimierz Castle, Kazimierz Dolny, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died 21 September 1678 (aged 69)
Krakow, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Burial Kazimierz and John Cathedral
Spouse Countress Marie of Austria
Issue Richard Beauforte
Casimir Beauforte I, Count of Krakow
House House of Radzilow
Father Charles Beauforte III
Mother Anne of Prussia
Religion Roman Catholicism
Signature Charles Beauforte IV, Count of Krakow's signature