Casimir Ellison
Portrait of Casimir Ellison In Warsaw, on 1886, by Jan Gustafsky.
1st President of Second Polish Republic
In office
March 5, 1885 – January 20, 1897
Vice President John Ingrez
Preceded by New Office created (Edward VII was last Emperor of the Polish Empire in 1884)
Succeeded by John Ingrez (as 1st Vice President of Second Polish Republic)
Commander Officer of the Polish Royal Army
In office
March 6, 1864 – March 3, 1885
Serving with John Krakowky IV
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Office abolished
Personal details
Born Kasimir Ellisonsky
December 5, 1836
St. Berkshire's Castle,
See more at the Casimir Ellison Wiki
, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Died November 12, 1914 (aged 77)
See more at the Casimir Ellison Wiki
, Poland
Nationality Herb Polski Polish
Political party None (1856-1863)</smll>
Other political
Ellisonist (a. 1863)
Spouse(s) Mika Varoglek-Barosky
Children Casimir Ellison, Jr (II)
Danny Paul Ellison

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