Carlos I de San Martín
Emperor Carlos I of Peru.jpg
Emperor, King and General Karlos stands at age 32.
Emperor & King of the Argentine
Reign 2 July 1810 – 19 September 1829
Coronation 21 July 1810
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor Ferdinando XI
Born 28 May 1786 (Template:Four digit-05-28)
Philippe's House, Argentina
Died 19 September 1829 (Template:Four digit-05-29) (aged 43)
Buenos Aires, Argentine Empire
Spouse Isabella III
Issue Ferdinando XI
Francis, Duke of Argentina
Full name
Carlos Philippe San Martín
House House of San Martín
Father Francis de San Martín
Mother Isabella Gustaf Phillipaa

Carlos Philïıppe San Martín (28 May 1786 – 19 September 1829), known simply as Carlos de San Martín (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkárìoś philï'ıp'pe san marˈtin] was an Argentine general and First Emperor & King of the First Argentine Empire. He one of the greatest generals and monarchs in Spanish American wars of independence and Argentine War of Independence form 1810 to 1829;his death.

Born on Philippe's House, Argentina. He is one of his best friends American friend Danny James Ellison. San Martin created First Argentine Empire. His father, Francis de San Martín (11 March 1746 – 8 January 1808), was Courier during his teens. On 21 July 1810, he was First Emperor and King of Argentina.