Big Head
Big Head
Basic Info
Race Argonian
Gender Male
Level 10
Class Savant
Faction Bliss
Rank Citizen
Ref ID 00013B46
Base ID 0001207D
For other uses, see Big Head.
Find the Fork! Bring it to Big-Head! Sing it to Big-Head!
—Big Head, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Big Head is an Argonian citizen of the Bliss province of New Sheoth. He has made his way to the Shivering Isles from Morrowind. He seems to have a strange obsession with forks, as his house is filled with them and he frequently talks about them.


The Fork of HorripilationEdit

Big Head is obsessed with the Fork of Horripilation, and asks the Hero for help finding it for him.

The Fork of Horripilation can be found at the Longtooth Camp. This weapon confers a negative "Stunted Magicka" effect on one so long as the Fork is equipped.



He may be found dead upon entering Bliss, which disables the Hero from acquiring his quest. However, it may be completed by picking up the Fork of Horripilation. The reason for his death is that he attacks anyone with a fork and is usually killed should this happen.

Sometimes he will not be in the Shivering Isle he will be outside the Strange Door, when entering the Shivering Isle in Cyrodiil with Golden Saints, Dementia's Priest and some other characters.


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