Archduke Gustav William I
Gustaf William II Archduke - Charles D'Pais.jpg
Emperor & Archduke of Austria
Reign 1 January 1803 – 19 August 1866
Coronation 9 January 1803
Predecessor William III
Successor Archduke Gustaf William III of Austria
(as Archduke of Austria)
Born 24 October 1779(1779-10-24)
[O.S. 13 October 1779]
Schönbrunn Palace, Wagenburg, Austrian Empire
Died 15 May 1866 (aged 86)
[O.S. 5 May 1866]
Wagenburg, Austrian Empire
Burial Schönbrunn Palace, Wagenburg, Austrian Empire
Spouse Elisabeth II of Bavaria
Full name
Gustaf William Franz Joseph
House House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Emperor William III of Austria
Mother Mika II of Poland

Archduke Gustav William I (24 October 1779 – 15 May 1866) was Emperor & Archduke of Austria form 1803 to his death. On after Polish-Austrian War was over. The Polish King, Charles Beauforte I is friends with William. Relations between Polish Kingdom/Empire, and Austria Empire, 1831. Following day Austria declared war agianist Japan.