Alexander III
Young Prince Alexander III of United Kingdom.jpg
Portrait of Prince Alexander III, in 1810.
King of Great Britain and Ireland
Reign 29 January 1820 - 15 July 1886
Coronation 30 January 1820
Predecessor George III (his father)
Successor Alexander IV
Regent Alexander, Prince Regent (1852-1886)
Prime Ministers
Born 19 November 1792(1792-11-19)
, , U.K
Died 15 June 1886 (aged 93)
Windsor Castle, , U.K
Burial 26 July 1886
, , United Kingdom
Spouse Princess Marrisa I
Issue Alexander IV of United Kingdom
Henry VI, Prince of Great Britian
Full name
Alexander Francis Ellison
House House of Windsor
Father George III
Kazimierz I & III Philippe d'Ellison
Full lengh of Casimir In his twenties, in high-ranking white, Red, and Green Dragoon Officer uniform. His riding on horse, his right hand  holding his  sword. His Moustache and Beard is a Stubble style, Sliver epaulettes, and his left hand  is tucked in his waistcoat.
Casimir I, wearing his Dragoon Officer uniform.
Emperor & King of the Polish and Sweden
Reign 13 June 1806 – 14 December 1843
5 July 1849 – 14 December 1843
Coronation 25 July 1806 (Polish)
17 July 1809 (Sweden)
Predecessor Monarchy established
George III (as King of Poland)
(Sir Jorge III was last monarch of Swedish Empire)
Successor Charles XIV John (King of Sweden)
John III Casimir Vasa (King of Poland)
Born 16 February 1799(1799-02-16)
Fayetteville, United States
Died 14 December 1843 (aged 44)
London, England, British Empire
Spouse Kate I of England
Full name
Danny James Ellison
House House of Ellison
Father George III
Mother Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Occupation Soldier and Leader
Signature Danny W. Ellison signature.png